Flagstaff Ann Kirkpatrick

Find out about this professional politician's REAL record on Guns and the NRA

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Ann Kirkpatrick in her own words on supporting the NRA

“I am not going to allow Washington to ignore the values of Arizonans and the traditions of four generations of my family in District One, and I am proud to be pushing back against the federal government to stop our Constitutional rights from being infringed. Every time the anti-gun rights groups propose legislation that restricts our freedoms, I am going to make sure they know millions of Americans will fight them every inch of the way.” [Congressional Documents and Publications. May 13, 2010. “Rep. Kirkpatrick Updates Greater Arizonans on Her Fight to Defend Second Amendment Rights in Tele-Town Hall.”] 

Kirkpatrick welcomed the NRA to Phoenix for its annual convention, calling it “one of the country’s oldest continuously operating civil liberties organizations” in a press release. 

“As a gun owner myself, I firmly believe in the right of all Americans to keep and bear arms, and I am proud that my state is hosting the group that has protected that right for 138 years. This is a chance for Arizonans to show our nation’s leaders we will not let them take away our freedoms.” 

“People in Washington need to stop undermining the Second Amendment. That’s why I took on the Attorney General for his proposal to ban so-called ‘assault weapons. I will continue to work vigilantly to maintain and protect our Second Amendment rights against every challenge they face.”  [States News Service. July 22, 2009. “Rep Kirkpatrick Reaffirms Support for Critical Second Amendment Protections, Continues “Defending Arizona Values” Campaign.”] 

Kirkpatrick was a co-sponsor for the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act which allows those authorized to carry firearms in their home state to travel with their weapons. [Congressional Documents and Publications. November 20, 2009. “Rep. Kirkpatrick Emphasizes Importance of Protecting Second Amendment Rights to Greater Arizonans in Tele-Town Hall.”] 

Kirkpatrick agreed with a radio caller in 2010 that citizens should be able to buy and own fully automatic firearms. “I agree with you, I think people should be able to legally purchase and carry the gun they want.” She also stated that she opposed bans on some types of firearms, opposed DC and Chicago laws barring private ownership of some gun types, and supported allowing guns in national parks.[Arizona Daily Sun. January 10, 013. “Kirkpatrick pivots on guns.”] 

Kirkpatrick did not support President Obama’s call to reinstitute the assault weapons ban and limit magazine size. [Eastern Arizona Courier (Safford, Arizona). February 5, 2013. “Kirkpatrick talks guns, jobs, water.”] 

Kirkpatrick continued her opposition to limiting extended magazines. 

Kirkpatrick was the only Congressional Democrat in Arizona to receive an “A” rating from the NRA in the last decade which she maintained through Fall 2012. [The Arizona Republic April 5, 2013. Final Chaser Edition. “Arizona’s Gun Divide.”] 

Ann may be right for Flagstaff. But she's not right for us.

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